Welcome To MusicLiveFm Radio || No.1 International Web Radio >>> Indo-Pak Independence Day Celebrations on 13th 14th & 15th August 5pm Onwards (Amin Choudhary: Great Web Radio Station I visited many web radios but Here the management is good all the best to MLF Team)

Music Live Fm Radio Admin rules

  1. Every Admin have their own responsibilities and should take care of it.
  2. Each n every admin is responsible for promotions and Rjs show postings
  3. Admins should make Rjs to post their postings on MLF Group and they should share theRjs show postings in our official page
  4. Admins has the right to cancel late coming Rjs shows
  5. Admin can request any available Rj on the spot to do the show
  6. Its humble request to all Admins to not to play with their nicks while they are on Power
  7. If you find any empty slots or Rjs miss their shows then Admins must make sure to fill those slots
  8. All admin must give their Maximum time to chatroom
  9. Admins should maintain attendance list of Rjs whenever they are presentin chatroom
  10. Adminswho are available in chat room should give HOP to the current Rj and Next Rj
  11. Admins must be attentive on main chat
  12. Admins must set up their attendance time sheet
  13. Admins must help Rjs with technical issues
  14. we except full support from all Admins specially on events
  15. Wish you all follow these rules and respect each other and last but not least Maintain unity
  16. No personal attacks, no personal fights or grouping is allowed and do not insult anyone from the team
  17. HOP & AOP are answerable and accountable to SOPs Operators and Super Admins
  18. Any admin who want to take break or want go away while they are in chat room they should remove their power and can keep away status. You cannot keep away status or BRB on Power
  19. Admins are not suppose to leak internal matters and issues to others
  20. I request all Admins to Add MusicLiveFm Name and link on their Face book and Skype Ids its a kind of promoting as well as a recognition that you are part of MLF Team
  21. No one can share the passwords ips any official ids passwords to others without permissions from Owner &senior Admins.
  22. If any admin want to take long break like more than 3 days they have to inform
  23. If anyone have any issue regarding chat room they should contact chat Admins (SULTAN & DeCeNt_ChEaT3r)
  24. We strictly say no to misuse of powers by giving HOP AOP to their friends or to team members
  25. Promotions will be based on the performance of each member