If you want to be an Rj, Then MusicLiveFM Offers you a Tutorials Training
Session and also arrange a platform where you can perform shows and
can experiance.

The Following are the sub headings which we cover while you undergo Rj training sessions:-

* Why to Become Rj
* How to become Rj
*Technical Knowledge
*Communication Skills
*Knowledge about the Topic
* So On….

“The magnitude of a voice is amplified when raised in the right direction.”

There are so many attributes through which one can contribute in other’s lives and also make a living out of it. People with a beautiful and strong voice can not only try their hand at singing but also make a difference through interaction. They always say ‘aawaz uthao’; instead channelize the aawaz into something productive and entertaining. If you have the passion for communication and the confident spunk then radio jockey is a career that would best suit you. Remember, an attractive appearance can command attention only in the vicinity but an impactful voice can cast its spell on thousands and more.

Who is a Radio Jockey?

A Radio Jockey or a RJ is a person who hosts a talk show on radio. In simple terms he/she is the ‘sutradhaar’ of an assigned show on radio. He/she hosts the show, reads the script, plays the music and audio advertisement at specific intervals, raises topics of concern, designs subjects for discussion and interacts with callers and listeners via telephone, email, social media and SMSs. Everything that he/she does should be appealing and entertaining. The RJ should be able to engage the audience with his/her voice and selection of words and how he/she presents the content before the audience does matter.

Skills required

Soothing and impactful voice
Voice modulation
Clear diction
Accurate pronunciation
Command over the language and vocabulary
Flair and fluency in the language
Control over voice pitch
Good sense of humor
Knowledge of music and current affairs
Well spoken in local dialects
Friendly and approachable attitude